PT Len Rekaprima Semesta always works hard and is committed to being the leading business partner of Railway Infrastructure owners in increasing the productivity and mobility of the Indonesian people.

This commitment is evidenced by the provision and management of reliable and quality Operations and Maintenance to meet consumer needs for superior products. Now is the time, PT Len Rekaprima Semesta is strengthening its steps, to meet the challenges that stretch optimistically to create a sustainable business growth for the Company through investment and business optimization to continue to grow in accordance with the expectations of all stakeholders.

PT Len Industri's milestone in the Railway business began in 1983. As a company that produces transportation electronics especially railways, Len places security and reliability as the main concerns in product development with the motto "failsafe - no compromise". We have become the main actors and the only railway signal industry in Indonesia.

PT Len Industri successfully incised gold ink in the world of National Railway signaling, where SIL-02 (System Interlocking Len-02) was applied in the North Java-Cirebon Island along 435 km across more than 55 stations with fiber optic telecommunications systems. Another prestigious project was achieved 1 year later, in 2014 namely Manggarai-Cikarang Double Double Track (DDT) along 32 Km, which was divided into 2 stages namely Manggarai-Bekasi along 15 Km and Bekasi-Cikarang along 17 Km.

PT Len Industri carried out a fundamental transformation with the establishment of a subsidiary that focused on the Railway transportation business in 2011 which was named PT Len Railway Systems. Through PT Len Railway Systems, Railway infrastructure development has been carried out both in the construction of the mainline needs and for urban transport needs.

In maintaining the business continuity of Railways in Indonesia, in 2014 PT Len Railway Systems formed a special division engaged in the Maintenance and Maintenance of Railway Operations Facilities. This division is the forerunner of PT Len Rekaprima Semesta which was formed as a subsidiary of PT Len Railway Systems in 2017. Besides being engaged in the Maintenance and Maintenance of Railway Operations Facilities, PT Len Rekaprima Semesta also operates Railway Facilities as well as those currently running on APMS Soekarno Hatta International Airport Skytrain.