Axle Counter is a device at a station that detects trains passing instead of track circuits. Counting heads (or 'detection points') are installed at each end of the section..

PT Len Industri built a partnership with ALTPRO d.o.o. to build railway signaling specifically for Axle Counter equipment with indoor devices named BO23-UNUR and outdoor devices named Wheel Sensor ZK24-2 NG, this equipment works so that PPKA can know the position of the train in a station.

This device has been installed at a cross-Sumatra-Java station, including the following:

  1. Project Double Track Semarang Tawang - Sulur with 13 stations
  2. Project Double Track Doplang - Surabaya City with 23 stations
  3. Project Citayam - Nambo with 3 stations
  4. Project Jogja - Solo with 9 stations
  5. Project Lintas Sumatera (Stasiun Kisaran, Kertapati, Tiga Gajah dan Tarahan)