Graduation Class III API Madiun

MADIUN - Akademi Perkerataapian Indonesia (API) Madiun re-inaugurates its cadets on Tuesday (3/9). The Graduation Ceremony of the 3rd Senate Open Senate Session was held solemnly at the API auditorium. Mayor Madiun Maidi also attended the sacral procession of 110 cadets and API cadets. 

Mayor Maidi advised the cadets to practice the knowledge gained in the world of work and daily life. At the very least, the attitude of discipline that is formed during education continues to be embedded wherever located. It is important as a provision to live life. 

"API does not only teach science academically. Here, character education is also instilled. Both can be weapons to fortify themselves from all challenges of life. Appreciation for API," the mayor said. 

The Mayor is optimistic that API graduates can contribute to the world of work both in the country and abroad. Evidenced by a number of previous graduates who have been absorbed in the world of work. One of them, became an expert at PT Len Rekaprima Semesta. Therefore PT Len Rekaprima Semesta received an award from API Madiun as a company that uses API Madiun graduates. 

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